Synopsis & History

Liz Barkan Bike Shop The Musical 002BIKE SHOP brings to life the story of a Brooklyn bicycle shop circa 1993 and its owner,  Bobby, the exuberant bike mechanic who runs the store that was first opened by her grandmother in 1936.
Two years after a tragic bike accident Bobby tries to get back on her bike, and get her own life in gear.
Cyclists are encouraged to ride their bikes to the theater and park their bicycle on the stage so they can be part of the show.
As the sole performer, Elizabeth Barkan brings to life three generations of this bike-obsessed family, as she builds and fixes real bicycles on stage; all while backed by the 4-piece interactive “Bicycle Band”.

Show History
The first reading of Bike Shop was done at Theater For the New City, under the New City, New Blood series in 2008, which led to a developmental workshop in 2012 at Theater For The New City.

In 2013 Bike Shop was selected as part of chashama’s Summer Performance Series in Midtown Manhattan.