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” Her charisma and willingness to take risks is not only admirable but stretches her already impressive range of talent to new levels.”  – Courtney Marie:

“Ms. Barkan performs a multitude of characters with enthusiasm and grace captivating her audience from beginning to end.” – Hi! Drama Theater Review KRISTIN HARDWICK

Review – @stagebuddy “Barkan’s confidence radiates”.  “Exuberant and vivacious…and aptly so, “Bike Shop” is a musical!”

Review – “Bike Shop’ is a full circle trip from damage to

Q&A: The League of American Bicyclists

Featured interview with .

New York magazine  Bedford + Bowery.

An interview with Bicycle Retailer Magazine featuring Elizabeth Barkan

Suzanne Rozdeba – NY TIMES
“Bike Shop’ Sings Cycling’s Praises on the Stage, Who knew cycling could be so liberating — and devoid of controversy? A charming Elizabeth Barkan, the show’s creator and star, plays Bobby, who works at her family’s bike store in Williamsburg”  –

“The show is sweet, and funny, and [Barkan] plays a variety of roles, the most amusing of which is a slightly crazed Spinning Rabbi, a great big valentine to bikes and their riders” –
Grace Lichtenstein – NY Books Examiner

“I sincerely applaud Elizabeth [Barkan] for having the courage to mount such an ambitious and uninhibited performance. I also applaud her creativity and admire her obvious commitment”-
BSNYC Culture Desk


Conceived & Performed by Elizabeth Barkan

Bobby (Elizabeth Barkan) loves bikes. Selling bikes.Fixing bikes.Talking about bikes. And, most of all, riding bikes.

Set in her family owned bicycle shop in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, Bobby recounts her personal journey from an ambitious bicycle messenger in NYC to a despondent “being” inside her family’s bicycle shop. BIKE SHOP is a most original and quite clever solo show. Through story-telling, song and dance, Ms. Barkan performs a multitude of characters with enthusiasm and grace captivating her audience from beginning to end. Some of her many charming characters include her father-her protector and mentor, her Grandmother–the Irish immigrant who started the bike shop, her uncle-the Rabbi and Spin cycle teacher, and Snake-the fastest bicycle messenger in NYC. And, Frank-the “love interest”.

With the authentic bicycle shop set (Mark Marcante), the minimal; yet appropriate costumes/props (Susan Henley) and the inspiring singing voice of Ms. Barkan, one might think that they are at a Broadway production. It is that good!